handshake_2You have probably heard that first impressions are vital. But did you know that within 15 seconds a buyer has already developed an opinion of your property? This is why creating the right first impression is critical to achieving a successful sale.

From your driveway:- Ensure the front garden looks its best - mowed lawns, weed-free flowerbeds and an uncluttered access to the front door. Make sure your house number or name is clearly visible from the road. Leave plenty of room for potential buyers to park.

A warm welcome:- Be ready, turn the heating on and light fires in winter. Open curtains and turn on lights…. People react more favourably to brighter properties. Appeal to the senses with fragrant flowers - there are many ways to create an exciting interior for surprisingly little money.

Family pets:- It's preferable for your pets to remain outside during viewing. Where possible make sure your carpets and furniture are hair-free.

The chef's pride of place:- Your kitchen can have a major impact on the sale of your house. It should be well-organised with tidy cupboards and worktops. Make sure it is virtually spotless and smells fresh.

Spacious bathrooms:- It's imperative this room looks bright, clean and tidy. Dripping taps, discoloured carpet or evidence of a leaking shower unit must be addressed.

Tidy bedrooms:- Clean and tidy bed-linen gives the impression you care about the presentation of yourself and the property you live in. Remove any evidence of washing or ironing to allow your rooms to look larger and more spacious.

DIY:- Don't allow your property to let you down… ensure any loose tiles, missing handles or broken windows are mended or replaced. If you are unable to do the task simply ask us to recommend an expert.

Presentation:- The positioning of furniture in each room can give the impression of either clutter or space. If necessary, remove some furniture from your main rooms … living, dining, and master bedrooms … to allow ease of viewing. Touching up paint and re-sealing wallpaper can improve the quality of presentation.

Your buyer looks interested?:- Buying a new home is a big decision and expense. By understanding the buyers' need to visualise themselves living in your home you can dramatically increase its saleability.

Let buyers look around at their own leisure. Have all essential guarantees on hand and be prepared to answer any questions that arise, or alternatively request our accompanied viewing service.

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